Business Law

Part of our practice consists of assisting small businesses with their ever-changing legal needs. The Kania Law Firm has the talented attorneys to ensure your safety and success throughout your business’s entire life cycle

New Businesses: Our attorneys will take the time to understand your goals and use their years of experience to meet those goals. We are here to ensure your business avoids the many traps and pitfalls along the way. We will use our knowledge to make sure your business is as tax efficient as possible and positioned for a strong future.

  • Entity selection (LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp or Partnership)
  • Incorporations (C-Corp, S-Corp, or LLC)
  • Partnership Formation & Partnership Agreements
  • LLC Operating Agreements
  • Corporate By-Laws
  • Non-Profit Corporations

Existing Businesses: The business climate is always changing, we are here to help ensure your business is well-positioned to weather any storm. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Dispute Resolution (including arbitration)
  • Business Litigation
  • Business Financing (with special emphasis on financing secured by real estate)
  • Commercial Real Estate Sales and Acquisition (including personal guarantees for commercial real estate)
  • Entity Conversions
  • Ownership Transfers (including tax planning)

Winding Down: Sometimes a business has outlived its usefulness. Our attorneys are here to ensure that you recuperate as much of your investment as possible. Our services include:

  • Advice During Winding Down
  • Real Estate Sales
  • Non-Real Asset Sales
  • Business litigation