Staying on the cutting edge of technology has been a high priority at the Kania Law Firm. In addition to using proprietary software unique to individual clients such as LenStar, iClear, Swiftview, Docconnect, and Elynx, we maintain the ability to quickly adapt to client's unique technology requirements. We employ Document Management software to increase efficiency, while ensuring ongoing compatibility with our clients.

Our office has developed an unparalleled database which facilitates impeccable service by automating and tracking a myriad of tasks and functions. For those clients that are interested, we also have the ability to provide clients with data access pages, allowing our clients direct access to our files and providing up to the minute information regarding activity on any file.

We are fully integrated with various lender portals, including LPS Desktop, Closing Insight, VendorScape, Equator, ResNet, and ExpressSubmit.

We are constantly investigating new software and hardware products to guarantee that our service is as efficient and timely as possible.

Disaster Plan

All of our files are electronically stored, with multiple on and off site back-ups. Our office has established, written procedures for alerting management of possible business interruptions, contact procedures for communications in the event of a man-made or natural disaster, and action plans for the recovery of each critical operation.